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ringjugA week ago I attended a reception for several local potters here in Hickory, NC. One  piece of work that I loved is this unique horse ring jug made by Carla Brandel.

While talking about how these jugs are made, Carla told me that these originated in France (if I remember correctly) but they are also more commonly found in our area as are face jugs. In the 1800’s less ornate versions of these ring jugs were used by soldiers as canteens.  Fascinating.

While I have your attention, I want to mention that I am concentrating more on animal art and animal gifts, though I will still be working with glass. My blog is moving to my new website and this one will expire soon. If you want to continue to keep up with new release with my art and artisan gifts, be sure to visit my new website http://www.serendipitinistudio.com/. You can sign up for my ezine on the home page and for my blog here http://www.serendipitinistudio.com/serendipitini-blog.


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apppaloosawcopyrightAt left is a mixed media painting I recently completed of an Appaloosa horse. I love animals, and horses have always been my first love.  For a brief while when I was a girl, I owned a pony which was given to me by my doctor whose son was going away to college.  Our house in Virginia had a horse farm behind it so that fed my horse fettish too.

I’ve always dreamed of owning horses, but since I can’t at present, I make do by drawing and painting them.

This Appaloosa painting is done in acrylic paint on canvas.  I drew the horse outline onto the canvas.  

I wanted a distressed and vintage feel . I began by decoupaging recycled pages from a vintage book onto canvas. I then painted in the background with ivory and brown paints, leaving it thin enough for some of the text to show through.  The horse is actually a composite of several horses. If I owned an Appaloosa this would be my ideal coloring for one.

I wasn’t really going for realism but like the rough look. I traced around the horse with a thick pencil and after adding some brown dots to the background I also wrote in the words Appaloosa in pencil.

I have nearly finished a mate to this painting which is an Arabian horse. I’ll post that once I get the chance.

You’ll find this original painting and prints available in my website. Here’s the link.


Kiln Firing Glass Slumping Schedule

large-spoon-rest-em-sr002obLast night somene who had seen my glass slumping tutorial on Youtube called and asked for some slumping advice. I am reposting this info, which was buried on my blog and will link it to my SiteMap for easier reference.

Below are suggested glass slumping schedules I have used.  The first was working fine for slumping recycled float glass plates and bottle slumping until I started getting more of a demand for clear bottle spoon rests.  I developed the second one after experiencing some difficulty with clear wine bottles defitrifying even after applying Super Spray. It really depends on the bottle. I will be adding more notes  on devitrification (coming soon).  I have tested Schedule 2 once so far with success but I can’t guarantee it is fool proof because I haven’t tested it at length and it could just be that the particluar clear bottle I used which had an aqua tint wasn’t prone to devit anyway.

Keep in mind that every kiln is different so you may need to adjust your temps and hold times. An kilns fire differently based on what you have loaded in them and how full they are.  My kiln is an Olympic dual media kiln and these schedules work well for what I presently do.


 SEG 1  350  925  .10
 SEG 2  350  1325  .75
 SEG 3  450  1455  .15
 SEG 4  9999  950  .60
 SEG 5  100  800  .10



 SEG 1  350  925  .10
 SEG 2  350  1325  .75
 SEG 3  700  1455  .10
 SEG 4  9999  950  .60
 SEG 5  100  800  .10


Note: If you want to purchase any of my glass items such as the slumped bottle spoon rest picture above, feel free to visit my Amazon Handmade shop.




mountainornament1I love working with recycled glass and have been using wine bottle bottoms for a while. I have made everything from etched coasters to wrought iron wall art from them. I’ve also made ornaments from the ones that have the hump on the bottom.

Only recently did it occur to me that the bottoms of flat bottomed wine bottles might make nice Christmas

ornament canvases to paint on if I slumped them in a kiln to
make them even flatter.

mountainornament3What resulted were some nice flat, round blanks. I drilled them with my Dremmel using a diamond drill bit and then painted mountain scenes on them with a layer of glass paint followed by enamel paint.

Here’s a link to them in my Amazon Handmade shop.



shellornament1I tested out a reusable stencil and etching cream I received from Glass Etching Secrets. I created this slumped bottle bottom glass ornament with a sea shell design using the supplies. Here’s the listing for the finished ornament.

You can view the Youtube video below for this process and product review. Glass Etching Secrets has a free ebook with tips on glass etching. You can download it for free at the end of this blog post.

Download the free ebook

http://www.glassetchingsecrets.com/howtosteps.html ?


Inspirational Quote, Never Take Someone for Granted



The Importance of Uninterrupted Creative Time

distractionsSeveral months ago I watched a free online video from an artisan marketing guru. One of the things she said that struck home was that each time we stop what we are doing to check our phone, email, or social media accounts, it disrupts our thoughts and can take up to 45 minutes to refocus and get back on track with what we are working on.

She recommended that we set aside slots of time for creating during which we either turn off our devices or leave them in another location so we are not tempted to keep checking. I thought I would give it a try.

Now, when I work on a creative project, I try to leave my phone in another room. I have to say that though it is hard, it does allow me to be less distracted and focus on the main thing and it’s easier to complete what I am working   on.  I want to challenge my readers to give this a try if you are not already doing it. Check back in with me and let me know how this works for you by leaving a comment.


Dog Ornaments are Back

boxercropped550Dog ornaments are back by popular demand. I’ve got over 175 different pet silhoutte ornaments to choose from including many different dog breeds, 3 cat silhouettes and a horse ornament.

These make great gifts for Christmas or anytime  and are wonderful pet keepsakes for people who have lost a pet.

Here’s the link to SerendipitiniPet.


Dog Pop Art Mixed Media

red-hound-jpgwatermarkHere’s a recently finished mixed media painting of a red dog. My rescued hound dog Aggie inspired this piece.

We are not sure of her breed but we believe she might be Redbone Coonhound. She’s actually a golden color but I couldn’t resist doing a tongue in cheek red dog.

The background is handcut letters from magazines and catalogs which have been decoupaged onto canvas. The dog is painted in acrylic paint. The handwritten words on the dog are a quote by Mark Twain which reads, “Heaven goes by favor.  If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog woud go in.”

I antiqued the canvas with an antiquing gel for an aged look. The finished original is 29″wide x 24″ high.

Both the original and print are available in my new art store fronts shop. Here’s the link.


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